Avon Bowling Club

Match Report

Match Report - 10 Jul 2021, Avon Bowling Club Club (Mixed) lost to Chipping Norton. OX7 5UY

Really good game Played in good spirit Avon narrowly lost but it was hard fought and enjoyed by all.Avon’s winning rink was Derrick Ridley David Waites and Skipped by Les Anscombe, tea and biscuits followed.

Chipping Norton. OX7 5UY 62 - 57 Avon Bowling Club Club (Mixed)

Name Details
1 Les Anscombe
2 Margaret Boldy
3 Aubrey Brookhouse
4 Paul Clark
5 William Crutchley
6 David Harrison
7 Linda Nevill
8 Mark Nevill
9 Derek Ridley
10 Chris Stoner
11 Jenny Stoner
12 David Vowles
13 David Waite