Avon Bowling Club

Match Report

Match Report - 07 Jul 2021, Avon Bowling Club Courier Team 1 beat Norgren CV36 4DQ

Hooray! This was Avon 1's first victory of the season and all team members played their part. The team isn't bottom of the Division after this week's results so let's hope we have turned the corner.

Norgren CV36 4DQ 47 (2 pts) - 61 (6 pts) Avon Bowling Club Courier Team 1

Name Details
1 Martin Hollands
2 Peter Coote
3 Chris Stoner
4 Adrian Boldy
5 William Crutchley
6 Mark Nevill
7 Les Anscombe
8 David Harrison
9 Aubrey Brookhouse
10 David Waite
11 David Johnson