Avon Bowling Club - Competition Rules



1.         A competitor shall be:

a.    A playing member of the Club and only members who have paid their annual subscription by the 10th May shall be eligible for any competition.

b.    14 years of age on the 1st May in the year in which he/she competes.

2.         All competitions shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game, as prescribed by Bowls England.

3.         The Competitions Committee, comprising the Competition Secretary (Club Captain), Ladies Captain and a Club Member (appointed each year), shall make the draw for the competitions.

4.         Any individual competition will only be run if there are enough players to ensure that at  least one round is played before the Finals. If there are not enough entrants for a competition, that individual competition will not be run that season.

5.         The Novice Cup competition is open to fully paid up playing members who:

a.    Have not won a club competition at Avon Bowling Club.

b.    Have not played at County level.

6.         Each round of each competition shall be played on or before the fixed date as published in the draw.

7.         Semi-finalists who know they cannot play in the final must withdraw from the semi-final.

8.         Pairs:

a.    The pairs will be drawn for each of the pair’s competitions with one experienced player to be drawn with one less experienced player (the Competitions Committee to decide on the experience).

b.    In the event of one member of a pair not being able to play by the closing date of any round, a substitute may be allowed. If there is no substitute the pair will be eliminated and their opponents go through. Substitutes will be allowed in any round including the final but he/she must be eligible and not have entered the pair’s competition in that year. The Competitions Committee will identify any substitute.

9.         The competitions’ finals shall be played on the allocated days shown in the match programme. All finalists will play on the day allocated by the Competitions Committee, having regard to any individual being in multi final games. 
The Competition Committee will identify the markers and umpire for the Finals.

10.      Both players are responsible for arranging their match in any round.

a.    The player first drawn in any pairing is the Challenger for the Singles competition rounds, the Challenger is responsible for providing a marker, who must be approved by both players.

b.    As early as possible, the players should discuss match dates. When a date has been agreed it is requested that this is noted on the draw sheet so that the Competitions Committee can see that they do not need to ‘chase it up’.  

c.    Competitors who have failed to finalise an agreed date and play off a tie by the required date will be automatically disqualified from that particular competition unless the Competitions Committee agree to extend the date – extenuating circumstances only.

11.      Rinks shall be drawn for all stages of the competition. On a match day, no competitor shall play on the selected rink before the match.

12.      Two trial ends should be played before the first end is played.

13.      If any competitor fails to appear within 30 minutes after the fixed/agreed time, their opponent may claim the match.

14.      Inclement weather: If the match cannot start or has to be abandoned due to bad weather (not just a break to allow the weather to improve) then:

a.    If at least 12 ends have been completed, the score stands and the match is complete.

b.    If 7 to 11 ends have been completed, the match continues from that point at a rearranged date. On resumption on another day trial ends may be played.

c.    If less than 7 ends have been completed, the match restarts from 0 on a rearranged date.

Taking regard to safety in bad weather, if one player considers that continuing play is not safe then the match should be rearranged / restarted at another time.

15.      The Competitions Committee will have the final say on any issues or appeals arising. Appeals are to be notified to the Competitions Committee. 
Where a Competition Committee member is not independent of any individual appeal, the Club Chairman will be involved in the appeal decision.

16.      Dress for the initial rounds is smart casual, with the Finals to be played in Whites.


The competitions will be (number of entrants permitting):

Men’s’ singles – 4 woods     (first to 21 shots)

Ladies’ singles - 4 woods     (first to 21 shots)

Men’s 2 woods                  (21 ends)

Ladies’ 2 woods                 (21 ends)

Men’s Pairs                       (21 ends)

Ladies Pairs                      (21 ends)

Mixed Pairs                       (21 ends)

Novice cup - 4 woods singles, mixed (first to 21 shots)



In 2018 the Competitions Committee comprises: John Gibson (Club Captain), Julia Gibson (Ladies Captain) and Joy Hammersley (Member), who request members to try to play your matches on time and within the rules of the game giving your opponent courtesy at all times.




These rules were agreed by the Club Committee on 10th April 2018