Match Report

Match Report - 22 May 2019, Avon Bowling Club Courier Div 2 lost to Norgren CV36 4DQ

This was a tight game against the favorites to win the Division that on another day (and another green!) might have seen a different result but as it was, Avon lost by 47-46.

Adrian Boldy's triple lost 15-14 having dropped two points on the last end and Trevor Bennett's triple won 13-10. Bill Crutchley's triple lost 22-19 but did gain 8 points on one end and were just half an inch from making it 9.

Overall though the team played well.


Norgren CV36 4DQ 6 - 2 Avon Bowling Club Courier Div 2

Name Details
1 Adrian Boldy
2 Neville Dean
3 Mark Nevill
4 Trevor Bennett
5 Don Darby
6 Steve Beesley (SMS)
7 William Crutchley
8 David Johnson
9 Chris Stoner