Match Report

Match Report - 22 Aug 2018, Avon Bowling Club Courier League Div. 2 Team drew with Bidford on Avon

I would say we had a moral victory as it was shaded by us on the points for the game aggregate score. Not to mention the battles everywhere with David Vowles' triumphing and with asufficent marging to carry the other two. One of which, Adrian Boldy's receovering from a 17-0 down to nearly grab the points just down by 2 shots in the final analysis 22-24. With Julia helping us once again and her husband John searching for players for me overnight as we were two short, this magnificent effort brought a fair result...although we deserved to win! MANY THANKS TO ALL AND SPECIAL ONES TO NEVILLE, DAVID HARRISON AND JULIA.

Avon Bowling Club Courier League Div. 2 Team 53 - 51 Bidford on Avon

Name Details
1 Steve Beesley (SMS)
2 David Harrison
3 Martin Hollands
4 Neville Dean *
5 David Vowles *
6 Aubrey Brookhouse *
7 Peter Vale-Humphreys
8 Julia Gibson
9 Adrian Boldy