Avon Bowling Club

Avon Bowling Club - Courier League Rules




1.1      The League will be run in accordance with the latest issue of the Constitution.

1.2      The League will comprise of a number of divisions, as agreed at the AGM.

1.3      Promotion from lower Divisions and relegation from higher Divisions will be by the Top and Bottom two teams respectively from each division. However this may vary depending upon the number of teams entering the Courier League, the aim will be to ensure an even number of matches per season across all divisions.

1.4      Applications from new teams should be made, in writing, to the Secretary before the end of September, for the following season. Joint teams made up from more than one Club are acceptable.

1.5      New teams will enter the lowest Division.

1.6      Teams will consist of 3 triples made up from bona fide male members from the respective Clubs.

1.7      Clubs unable to regularly field nine members may include bowlers from another Club not participating in the Courier League.

1.8      Clubs entering more than one team into the League will have unrestricted. Movement of male players between their teams  

1.9      Each team is to nominate a representative, ideally the team Captain, who will be responsible for the match arrangements and sending results to the League Administrator immediately after each match, and attending meetings of the League.

1.10    A completed green availability form must be sent to the Administrator indicating any dates the Green is not available for matches during the following season, by the 30th November each year. Failure to do so will result in the assumption that the Green is available on all the dates and the programmed of matches produced on that basis.

1.11    All participating bowlers are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of dress i.e. Grey trousers and White or Club shirts.

1.11a    All bowls used for the Courier League matches MUST display CLUB STICKERS.
Not County Stickers or South Warwickshire stickers

1.12    Cancellation of Games:-

a) Through Weather Conditions

i) In case of extreme weather, where temperatures exceed 30oC and National warnings of excessive heat have been issued, the committee should agree total abandonment of all matches and advise all representatives accordingly before 10am, on day of game, by e-mail or telephone The game should then be re-arranged by the club representatives on a mutually agreed date as soon as possible . If game not rearranged by end of season Rule 1:13(ii) applies

ii) If no play is possible on the day of the match the Home Captain  should make every effort to advise his opposite number in sufficient time to avoid abortive travel.

iii) If a game with both teams present for a 2.00pm start, cannot be  started by 3.0pm it should be abandoned, and the fixture re-arranged as per clause 1.12.

b) Late Unavailability of the Green

Should a Club’s Green become unavailable for a match after the  fixture list has been issued, an alternative date for the fixture should be agreed, as per clause 1.12

c) Inability to Field a Team

Inability to field is no longer a valid reason for the cancellation of a game. Provision has been made to play EIGHT or SIX (Clause 2.8.1.) Any game cancelled for this reason should be referred to the Administrator who along with the committee will arbitrate as clause 1.14 stipulates. The committee’s decision is FINAL. Points will normally be allocated in accordance with clause 1.11.d:- that is 6 points will be deducted from the team unable to field a team, and 6 points awarded to the team able to field a team.

d) Failure to attend a match.

Any team failing to play a fixture or to successfully re-arrange a  match, for any reason, will have 6 points deducted from their points total, whilst the opposing team, having offered 3 alternative dates for the game to be played, will be awarded 6 points and their average shots count.

1.13    (i) Re-arranged fixtures should be played as soon as possible after the original date, not necessarily on a Wednesday. All re-arranged fixtures must be played before the final published Wednesday, except for rain affected matches on the final day, in which case the match should be played within 7 days, not necessarily on a Wednesday

(ii) It is permissible on the cancellation of a match and with the agreement by both representatives that the game is not re-arranged., In this case League Administrator must be informed and both teams will be awarded NIL points and NIL shots..

1.14    The League is a Men’s league but 2 ladies may be invited to play to avoid the cancellation or the match being conceded

However only 2 ladies may play on any one occasion and not more than one should play in any triple and they must not be played if a male bowler is available

Ladies Should Not be included on a regular basis and are not eligible to play either Skip or Captain. .

Once a lady has played for one courier team she is not permitted to play for any other league team out with her own club.

1.15    Arbitration

Any problems arising over fixtures should be referred to the Administrator and forwarded to the Committee. Any decision of the Committee shall be final.


2       MATCHES

2.1      Matches are to be 3 rink triples played on a home and away basis.

2.2      Matches will normally commence at 2.00pm on Wednesdays

2.3      Match cards, with player’s names on BUT NOT THE RINK  NUMBERS, should be placed face down, shuffled and then the rink numbers be added to the back of these cards by the visiting Captain.   

2.4      There will be 2 trial ends of 2 woods.

2.5      Visiting Captains are to be given the choice of the mat.

2.6      Dead ends are to be replayed.

2.7      Scoring is:-

2 Points for a Rink WIN.

1 Point for a Rink DRAW

With 2 ADDITIONAL points for an OVERALL WIN or 1 ADDITIONAL point for a DRAWNMATCH

2.8.1 A team fielding only EIGHT players will be permitted to play one rink with two players playing against 3 from the opposing team. In the event that the missing player is due to an unexpected non arrival, then the rink teams already entered on the score cards MUST NOT be changed and the pair shall be the two remaining players.


 The game format will be as follows:-

Team with 3 players

Team with 2 players

Lead has 2 woods

Lead has 4 woods

2nd has 2 woods


Skip has 4 woods

Skip has 4 woods

Total rink shots =        total shots won

Total rink shots =

total shots won minus 25%

25% loss of shots: If the result does not equal out to a round number then a figure less than 0.5 should be rounded down and a figure 0.5 upwards be rounded up

Note: In each case a winning rink will be awarded 2 points and those 2 points will be added to the overall team score. The winning team will then be awarded the bonus 2 points.

 If a team fields insufficient players to play all three rinks then the Captains may agree to play the game using only 2 rinks. In this case the team who caused the 1 rink to be cancelled will not be awarded the 2 bonus points for an overall win. The points for the un-played rink will be awarded to the team able to play 3 triples.

2.8.2    Late arrivals will be permitted to join the game providing they arrive before the 3rd end is completed. The remaining ends will then be completed as normal but the score will start from zero at the point of the late entry.

2.9      If, after each rink has played a minimum of 10 ends, rain stops  play, the results at the point of cessation of play, of  COMPLETED ENDS, will stand. Rinks do not necessarily  have to complete identical number of ends but all must have played at least 10 ends, with the exception where clause 2.8.2 is applied.

2.10    Tea and biscuits, where provided should NOT be taken BEFORE 10 ENDS have been played, unless agreed by BOTH Captains.

2.11    Should a player become ill during a match and is unable to  continue playing, a qualified substitute may be introduced “from the Bank”. Should this not be possible and provided 10 ends have been played the result of that rink will stand at cessation of play. If  less than 10 ends have been played, the overall result will be based on the 2 completed rinks. Rink points will be awarded to the team able to continue.



3.1      League position will be determined as described in the Constitution on points followed by shot difference.

3.2       Promotion and relegation will be based upon the Constitution - 2 up and 2 down as appropriate.

3.3      Prizes

a) Trophy will be awarded to both winners and runners-up of each league.

b) Cash prizes will be awarded to Clubs for the winner and for the runner-up in each division. The value of the prizes is to be agreed annually.


4     GALA

4.1      An annual Gala will be held each season, date and green to be agreed at the October meeting each year.

All teams will enter one triple, comprising men only.

A £20 fine will be imposed upon any team failing to give at least ONE week’s notice of their inability to enter a triple.

4.2      There will be a £10 fee per team plus a raffle – the monies raised being used to subsidize the League prizes


5     Safeguarding Policy

1)  The Courier League has been formed in order to arrange inter-club matches   between affiliated clubs to Bowls England

2)  All affiliated are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations of Bowls England

3)  Each Club playing in the Courier League is required by Law, to have a Safeguarding Policy

4)  Each year clubs are forwarded a fixture list giving Venue and date on which games shall be played. Normally 2pm Wednesday

5)  All visiting clubs are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Home club both on and off the bowling green.

6)  The Home Club will be responsible for the Health, Safety and welfare of all visiting players